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We provide comprehensive design services, revitalizing blank slates and new builds to establish a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. With a focus on furniture selection, functional layout planning, and the selection of elegant materials and finishes, we have the expertise to transform any space into a stylish and bespoke sanctuary. Our utmost priority is to create tailored environments through a streamlined and stress-free process, built on a foundation of trust.

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Lacey Michalek

Based in Houston, Lacey Michalek is known for designing interiors that are stylish, clean, and classic. She and her team are experts at transforming blank houses with potential into sophisticated, layered homes perfectly tailored to the family living within. 

After graduating from LSU in 2011 with a degree in Psychology, Lacey realized her true passion was Interior Design. After enrolling in the Art Institute of Houston in 2012 to pursue her degree in Interior Design, Lacey began working for several well-known designers in the Houston, TX area. She founded Lacey Michalek Interiors in 2014.

What sets Lacey and her team apart is their ability to marry sophistication with practicality. She blends the discipline of design with the realities of daily living by using durable materials, quality pieces, and timeless finishes. To achieve a truly lasting design, a home should be designed for both style and utility. From the initial concepts to the final piece of art, Lacey has a special talent for always getting it right without ever being too much. 

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Ren Choate

Ren is originally from Beaumont but feels like a true Houstonian at heart! She orchestrates every design project regardless of size to ensure that all pieces fall into place with beauty and precision. Her technical drawing and rendering skills are unmatched and bring a new level of detail to client presentations and projects. She helps ensure that your design will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also improve the functionality of your desired space.

Ren works diligently to make sure all orders are placed correctly and in a timely manner. She stays on top of scheduling to maintain timelines with clients. Her unwavering determination and dedication to each project leaves clients with peace of mind knowing their homes are in such capable hands. Best of all, she manages to do it all with a smile on her face!

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Leena j.

"Hiring an interior designer is a huge investment. What if I didn't like how it looked? All these questions raced through my mind. And then I walked in the door and WOW! I was mind blown. I could not believe how everything looked so much more beautiful in person! Lacey nailed it, and it was worth every penny spent. I finally have a beautiful home I can walk into after a stressful day at work, to sit down, relax and enjoy a cup of tea, or call friends over for dinner and drinks. Anyone who comes to my homoe has endless compliments about how beautiful everything looks.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lacey for any interior design project, and look forward to using her for more spaces in my home soon."