5 Secrets I Learned as a Designer

Houston bedroom design

5 Secrets I Learned as a Designer


Want to take a peak into my interior designer brain? Follow along to find out my top 5 secrets a learned on the job!

1. Good things come to those who wait.

Houston bedroom design

Finding the perfect pieces for your home takes time. If you run out and buy every trendy item in every big box store that’s in stock, you will live to regret it. Take your time while sourcing items for your home! You don’t have to complete your entire house all at once.

I have many clients that break their project into bite-sized pieces in order to make it easier to tackle. Don’t know where to start? I typically start with the main rooms where you spend most of your time and build out from there. Taking a slower pace also allows you to enjoy the process and hone in on what really matters.

2. If you want something unique, its going to take time.

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Shopping retail is easy and instantly gratifying! However using trade only sources is not only easier on your wallet, but they give you a more unique look! These “trade only” sources are vendors that cut out the the middle man (also known as a retailer) and only work directly with designers like me.

This gives you access to lots of saving and unique finds that nobody on the block can own!

By hiring a designer instead of shopping retail, you have access to vendors that I’ve built a relationship with and that I can confidently stand behind. The only caveat to these great sources is that unlike your local big-box store, these vendors make everything to order which can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks before they hit your doorstep.

Just one more reason why a little patience will land you with a truly, one-of-a-king room that is well worth the wait!

3. Look at the dimensions

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Nothing is worse than getting the scale wrong. Your sofa is huge and it dwarfs the chairs that are sitting right next to it. Insert panic mode. I always look at the height of the sofa versus the chairs and make sure they are within a good range of each other.

And don’t forget to measure your doorways! The last thing you want is to bring home a brand new chair only to realize that you can’t get it through your front door! 😉

4. The more samples, the merrier!


Don’t take a chance by picking a fabric or paint color without testing it in the room! Colors change in all sorts of lighting so that gorgeous pale grey in the paint store make look a little sickly in person.

But it doesn’t stop at paint. Everything from rugs, to fabric, even wood can change drastically in different spaces. So when in doubt, grab that paint brush our fabric sample and test it out for a few days before you commit!

5. Custom pillows are your friends


Sometimes you don’t have the budget to fully re-decorate a room, and that’s ok! Choosing a great fabric and having custom pillows made is a great way to dress up an existing sofa or chair. And just like we mentioned in point #2, custom is always the best way to go!


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