How much will it cost to furnish my living room?

How much will it cost to furnish my living room?


The most important question when working with a designer always comes down to budget. The situation I run into the most is a client who needs help designing their home but has absolutely no idea how much they should invest in their furnishings.

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The average client doesn’t know how much a great table or super comfortable high quality chairs cost—but I do. I decided to breakdown what I think an average living room would cost as well as a more high-end room. Lots of my clients fall somewhere in the middle. It really depends on how custom and unique you want your space to be!

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Remember: These numbers are subject to change and not everyone starts with a completely blank space. You may already have a great sofa or rug and only need to invest in some of the other pieces or maybe you love vintage and have time to hunt for a good deal. This just gives you a guideline!

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