Laurel Street Project: The Breakfast Room

Laurel Street Project: The Breakfast Room


Lots of steps need to be taken when designing a space in your home where the primary function is eating! For the breakfast room, I knew I had to made it super kid friendly so this family didn’t have to worry about one spill! My client wanted the overall house to be a more transitional design but she loves farmhouse décor at heart, so we added some country nods in her breakfast room.

We started with a cowhide rug, which frames the space out without boxing it in. Use a cowhide rug when you don’t have a super defined furniture area, like a sitting area or under a round table. It’s organic enough that it doesn’t become too boxy but still sets the foundation for that area. Cowhide rugs are perfect under a dining table because the spills just wipe right off. They are super easy to maintain with a vacuum and a wet sponge or cloth.


The dark wood table can sometimes feel heavy but these dining chairs are so light and airy, it compliments the table perfectly. Right next to the breakfast area is a small peninsula leading to the kitchen. I love how the black Windsor counter stool plays off of the black in the light fixture. There are tons of companies that make these Windsor chairs in all different price points. I chose these from Target for around $85 each and they are super sturdy and come in a variety of colors!

The key to any room is to mix budget items with higher end more customized items. Extra points if you have great vintage or antique pieces and are looking to incorporate them into a more streamlined aesthetic! This client wanted to elevate her style by choosing more transitional home decor items but stuck with her roots in the breakfast room where they could all be decidedly more casual!


We had the custom round trestle table made to fit this space perfectly. We chose a darker stain and made sure it was super sealed so there would be no worry for grease stains or glass rings!

 We added the large farmhouse light fixture from Restoration Hardware to create some big impact. It comes in several different sizes and finishes. I often see lighting that is too small for the space so I think you’re better off going a tad bit bigger than smaller.

The rattan breakfast chairs are my favorite part of this room! I love that the frame of the chair is completely wipe-able and that the cushion is covered in an indoor outdoor fabric. These chairs originally came with a dinky white cushion so I hade my drapery workroom make new ones in a kid friendly fabric. You absolutely need a cushion for comfort but we knew that white fabric would not last one minute with a 2 year old and a 9 month old! Most of the time you can find a high chair strapped to one of these seats. These cushions have zippers so if worse come to worst you can take them off and wash them! A tip for washing slip covers: wash them in a gentle cycle and let them air dry. When they are still damp, slip them back on the cushion and let them finish drying. This removes wrinkles and ensures that you won’t shrink your cover!



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