An Interior Designer’s Secret Weapon…

An Interior Designer's Secret Weapon…

An Interior Designer’s Secret Weapon…

An Interior Designer's Secret Weapon…

An Interior Designer’s Secret Weapon…

Out are the days where you shop in-store and in are the days where you browse online at multiple retailers looking for the perfect piece to add to your home. How many times do you think you have found the perfect accent chair only for it to come and you realize well, the fabric just isn’t the color or texture you wanted? 

I think we can all agree that sometimes, you don’t always get what you want! Websites like to use the disclaimer that objects appear different on different screens, but still; it’s extremely frustrating when that perfect piece of furniture arrives and it isn’t what we expected.

As an interior designer, samples are our secret weapon. From samples of wood and metal finishes to fabric and paint swatches, interior designers are able to use our resources to get the exact sample of the products we are specifying for our designs. Since we are able to get samples of different items, we can instill confidence in our selections and help eliminate any hesitations on big purchases! 

Ever heard of the saying you have to see it to believe it? It goes without saying, but interior designers are very visual people; we like to look and feel all the fabrics and finishes of a space to see how they compliment each other. Our clients are able to touch the fabric that might be on their sofa, and see the metal finish on their side table making it easier to envision our design concept. 

Out of all the reasons why I love being able to order samples, here is one of my favorites..  If we receive something that doesn’t represent the sample we have, we are able to work directly with the manufacturer to remedy the situation. There is no he said she said…we have physical proof of the expectation of the piece and we can make sure it lives up to that. Whether that is selecting a new piece that better represents the vision we were aiming to achieve or replacing the existing piece with the correct finish, this is just another of the many ways we advocate for our clients and our design!

We swapped out the existing light fixture for something larger and a bit more modern. The free form shaped mirrors above the credenza perfectly captured the soft shapes of the organic design aesthetic we were aiming for. 

The End Result: 

The finished dining room perfectly reflected this family’s taste and style and flowed seamlessly with the rest of the home.  It was such a great privilege to work with this family and bring their vision to life! Cheers to all the great memories that will now take place in this family friendly dining room!

We look forward to serving new and returning clients with the same LMI experience, but on a smaller scale and with a quicker timeline!

If you’re interested, the process for inquiry remains the same. Simply head to our contact page to fill out the questionnaire!⁠

We cannot wait to connect with you!⁠


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