Is there a minimum to work with you?

Yes. Our design services are based on a flat fee, which starts at $6,000.
The fee is based on our expertise and experience in the field. We also
require a minimum expenditure of $30,000 on purchasing furniture, art and accessories.

Can you use any of my existing furniture?

This is a case-by-case basis. We will always try to incorporate as many
pieces as requested, but it may take away from the project’s potential.

What if I just need final touches and accessories?

We are happy to finish off smaller projects in your home as long as it is
in addition to a full room redesign and meets our minimum expenditure requirements.

Can we go shopping together?

We prefer to handle all the work that is involved with selecting
furniture and fixtures for our projects. We do not typically shop at retail
stores when refurnishing your home. We prefer to narrow down the
options and then present the best ones to you. Rather than bring you
along and overwhelm you with the crazy amount of options that are potentially not in your price range.

Do you project manage construction jobs?

LMI does not project manage construction jobs. We can fully design a
space and create a spec book, but it is up to you to hire a contractor to
oversee construction. We will do site visits to make sure the design is
being executed according to plan.

Where do you get your furniture?

We have wholesale accounts with companies that sell only to
designers. We attend markets across the country to learn more about
the products and to the trade brands so that we can bring you the best
of the best!

How do you charge your clients?

Rather than billing at an hourly rate for the design process, our design
fees are based on a flat flee model. This model gives our clients a better
idea from the beginning of what will be required to do the best job on
their behalf.

What is the average cost to furnish a living room?

Pricing comes down to the scale and size of the room. An average size
living room in our portfolio can cost somewhere between $30 – $45k.
This includes furniture, décor, chandelier, lamps, custom throw pillows,
rug, custom art, and custom drapery. LMI design fees not included.