“Their space was about playing with texture and adding natural elements like the green (draperies and pillows) since they wanted to stay rustic,” Michalek said. “They had a set budget of what they wanted to spend. It was about what can we keep and what makes the most impact.”

“The Schrynemeeckers wanted a more contemporary look and a cooler palette. Their approach, with the help of Lacey Michalek was to start with the open space on the second floor, addressing the kitchen, dining area, living room and powder bath. Other parts of the townhome would have to come later.”

“Style? I didn’t think I had a real style. I think the style Lacey brought is the style I didn’t even know I had…At this point, I can give her full reign and know it’s going to come out fantastic.”

“I create comfortable, livable and curated interiors…I achieve that through art, fabrics, custom furniture and accessories. After years of working under very talented designers, I decided to branch out on my own and start Lacey Michalek Interiors.”

“We could probably tour sweet nurseries for the rest of our days and never, ever get sick of it. They’re just so dang magical and this latest installment designed by [Lacey with] Lacey Michalek Interiors is absolutely no exception.”

“It was an easy choice to hire Lacey…We honestly relied on Lacey for 100 percent of the project…Lacey would present ideas, and I would approve them…I didn’t have to do anything except say ‘yes,’ and the end result was beautiful.”

“In order to have a design that withstands the test of time, I veer away from trends. I also work to keep my designs from looking monotonous. I work toward a more customized, selectively-curated feel that reflects thoughtfulness, comfort, and beauty.”

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