What to look for when hiring an interior designer

What to look for when hiring an interior designer - Lacey Michalek

What to look for when hiring an interior designer

What to look for when hiring an interior designer - Lacey Michalek

What to look for when hiring an interior designer

Deciding to hire an interior designer is such an exciting investment into your home. With that excitement also comes lots of questions and sometimes concerns as to how the process works. Not all designers are created equal and not everyone has the same business model or process. As a Houston Residential Interior Designer, I’m here to share with you a few questions to ask when hiring an interior designer. 

How do they charge for their services?

Most designers will either charge an hourly fee or a flat fee for their services. Some people prefer to know the entire expense upfront (flat fee) while others are fine with paying as services are rendered.  At LMI, we work off of a flat fee model and depending on if construction is involved, we use a hybrid model where we charge a flat fee for design and an hourly fee to manage the project along with the contractor.

Do they have minimum fees to work with them?

Some interior designers have a big enough team that they can take on any project, big or small, while other designers have minimums in place so they are able to dedicate the right amount of time and expertise to a certain amount of jobs. The minimum fees for procuring the product are typically put in place so that the designer has the ability to flex their design skills within a reasonable budget. As a designer, we want to make an impact in your home and after years of experience, we know what type of budget is needed to transform a space. 

How involved is the client in their process?

At LMI, we are a full service interior design firm where we get to know your style and preference at the beginning of the project and then we really take it from there! We design the big picture and present our concept to you with lots of finishes and concept boards. We handle all of the ordering and receiving and finally install everything to give you that wow factor! You can see how hands off our clients are when working with us versus an interior designer that maybe takes their clients shopping or designs and delivers items one piece at a time. 

Do they have a signature design style or are they able to adapt to what your style is?

Some interior designers have a signature style and their portfolio reflects that one aesthetic, while other designers have a mix of all different styles. Neither is good or bad, but if you are reaching out to a designer who has a mix of styles, make sure they are comfortable with your desired aesthetic. Many of our clients love the variety in our portfolio and want their home to have a similar style with their own twist. 

Whether their portfolio draws you to them or the way they work is the ultimate factor in deciding to hire someone, there is definitely an interior designer out there for everyone! Keep these questions in mind during that process and hopefully you have you end up with the right designer for you!

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