5 Basics to Decorating Your Home

5 Basics to Decorating Your Home

5 Basics to Decorating Your Home

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5 Basics to Decorating Your Home

Let’s be real, we all weren’t born with the gift to imagine a room completely decorated with wall hangings, rugs, accent decor and furniture placements. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming when you move into a new space that is basically an open canvas and needs just about everything! 

The good news is that learning to decorate your space CAN be learned over time. Learning the basics of home decorating, including design principles and decorating styles is a skill that can be developed. 

Here are a few tips that you need to have in place before designing your space!

1. A Floorplan with Dimensions

First things first, you NEED to know the dimensions of each room and space. Having accurate measurements increases efficiency throughout the whole process. Nothing is worse than buying a new piece of furniture that doesn’t fit. And on that note, when you are looking to buy a new piece of furniture, you need to know EXACTLY the size of each piece to ensure that it will fit within your space. This will narrow your search down greatly!

There are so many free apps where you can plug in your room dimensions and play around with different layouts and pieces of furniture to see what makes the most sense for your space. 

2. Find Inspiration Pictures

A good place to start when designing and decorating your space is to look at images  for inspiration. Research different home decor styles that you like on Pinterest, Google and even Instagram. This will help you weed out what you like, and more importantly what you don’t like. 

Pay attention to things like “Is there a common theme amongst the pictures that catch your eye like a white sofa or a turkish rug?” This helps you see what you gravitate towards so you can stay focused and not get distracted by trends!

3. Determine a Color Palette 

Choosing a color palette is one of the most essential parts of interior design. Decide if you like more neutral colors or if you gravitate more towards bold colors. If you decide to go with more neutral colors, where are you going to add in that extra pop, in the rog or upholstery? Or maybe you want to add in some bold and fun color pillows to dress up the sofa. Regardless, deciding on your color pallet ahead of time will make the design process more efficient and prevent you from going overboard! 

4. Set a realistic Budget

Sometimes, our wants are bigger than our wallets…but it’s important to be realistic about how much you want to spend and invest in good quality pieces. You will be disappointed to spend any amount of money on cheap furniture that won’t last through the year. Always save and splurge even if you have to go piece by piece!

5. Work with a Designer… or use others to exchange ideas!

I’m ***partially*** kidding about this one! Not everyone can hire an interior designer and some people have enough taste to design their home themselves. BUT, if you don’t have time or the desire to decorate your home yourself, working with an interior designer would be worth its weight in gold. 

So, if you’re staring at your blank canvas of a home and wondering where to start when it comes to designing and decorating, be sure to reference these 5 tips to make sure you have everything you need before getting knee deep in the process!

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