The Great Debate: Re-Upholster vs. Buy Brand New

The Great Debate: Re-Upholster vs. Buy Brand New

The Great Debate: Re-Upholster vs. Buy Brand New

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The Great Debate: Re-Upholster vs. Buy Brand New

I think we can all agree that sofas are without a doubt the most well loved pieces of furniture in our homes. Think about it, there’s nowhere else in the house where we spend more time, besides maybe the kitchen. We eat on the couch, binge watch our favorite Netflix shows, curl up with a good book and a glass of wine, and share intimate conversations all while sitting and sinking into our beloved and comforting couch.

So we can’t be too shocked when our seat of choice experiences a little wear and tear out of love, right? It’s very common to wonder at this moment if you should reupholster the couch, give it some TLC and extend its life by multiple years OR is it time to move on and buy brand new? This, my friends, is the great debate! 

Both reupholstering and buying brand new come with it’s pros and cons; so here are some tips to determine when it’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello the new. 


Are the bones of your couch still healthy? Meaning, can you lay comfortably without hardware sticking you in the side and are all four legs intact? If you can answer YES to both of these questions, then a little refresh of the fabric will do the trick!

Pro Tip: Check out the frame and the springs of the sofa- if the frame is well made then you can reupholster. A sofa frame that is 8 way hand tied is going to have more longevity than an S spring frame. To elevate the appearance even more, you can refresh the cushions if need be. 

Home Decor Style

As an interior designer for the last 8 years, I have had so many clients whose home decor style has changed throughout the years. From french country chic, to mid-century modern and everything in between, some furniture pieces are unique to each style. So that being said, if you’re transitioning from one style to another, buying new furniture is probably the best way to achieve the look you are going for. Don’t just throw away the old piece of furniture though, try and repurpose it or even sell it!

Is it an Antique? 

Has your sofa, or any piece of furniture for that matter been passed down through multiple generations in your family? Or maybe, it truly is an antique dating back years and years ago that you found at an antique shop. An item with this much history and sentimental value is most definitely worth saving. There are certain things in life that are irreplaceable and you cannot put a monetary value on – so in this case, certainly reupholster in an amazing more current fabric and give it new life!


Many of us have purchased a piece of furniture purely for the looks and have regretted its lack of comfortability almost instantly. That low to the ground modular sofa you bought in your 20s just doesn’t feel so great on your back now in your 40s. Buying new more customizable furniture gives you the freedom to decide how exactly you want your piece to look and feel. Our resources allow us to design all aspects of your sofa… depth, height, cushion firmness or softness, fabric etc. Whether it is a sofa that is deeper, taller, more firm, etc., you can customize all of that when buying new. 

The next time you are faced with the great debate of whether or not to reupholster or buy brand new – I hope that you will remember these simple tips to help you determine the best choice! If you need someone to help make that decision for you, please reach out!

We look forward to serving new and returning clients with the same LMI experience, but on a smaller scale and with a quicker timeline!

If you’re interested, the process for inquiry remains the same. Simply head to our contact page to fill out the questionnaire!⁠

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