5 Ways to Make Small Spaces Feel Expansive

5 Ways to Make Small Spaces Feel Expansive - Lacey Michalek

5 Ways to Make Small Spaces Feel Expansive

5 Ways to Make Small Spaces Feel Expansive - Lacey Michalek

5 Ways to Make Small Spaces Feel Expansive

After working with interior design clients across all neighborhoods and areas of Houston, I have become quite familiar with both the charm and challenges of smaller spaces. When designed and decorated well, these small spaces can feel just as comfortable and impactful as any large space. 

Whether you’re living in a quaint 1960s bungalow in The Heights or a high rise in Downtown Houston, you want your living area to feel as spacious as possible, and achieving that takes some conscious effort. Here are 5 ways to make a small space feel bigger.

1. Large Art

A large piece of art in a small room is one of my favorite design formulas. Every room needs a focal point, and a large piece of art can be the defining element of a small space that ties together the colors, decor and furniture. It truly anchors the room!

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Mirrors trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there really is by reflecting the view; it’s kind of like an optical illusion. Mirrors help to create a greater sense of openness and help to bounce the light throughout the space. 

3. Appropriately Sized Rugs

We know that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes our rugs! In a small space, you want to select a rug that can fit either all of the furniture on it or at least the front legs of all the furniture. Just because the space is smaller, doesn’t mean the rug needs to be. A small and unproportioned rug will actually make your space feel smaller. 

4. Float Your Furniture

Instead of placing your furniture in line with the walls of the room, try “floating” your furniture to make space for other pieces. Not every sofa needs to be flush up against the wall! Floating your furniture means to pull the pieces away from the wall and have them float in the room. In a more open home, this can help define a space and in a smaller room this can make it feel airier! 

5. Use “Leggy” Furniture

The goal of decorating a small space is to create a sense of openness and airyness and to give the illusion of more space. Furniture that is low and leggy allows for the space to not only flow over and around, but also below and through. Leggy furniture makes everything feel lighter; avoid big bulky sofas and chairs and opt for something a little more slimming. 

Decorating a small space is an art; it requires thoughtfulness, intentionality and some of the design formulas I mentioned above. So, if you’re decorating a condo, highrise, bungalow or somewhere inbetween, come back and reference this post for some design tips that will make your space feel bigger!

We look forward to serving new and returning clients with the same LMI experience, but on a smaller scale and with a quicker timeline!

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