New Service: The Final Touch

New Service: The Final Touch

New Service: The Final Touch

Recently, we’ve noticed a need for this service for past, current and potential clients. Our styling service allows clients to refresh spaces and give a room new life without a complete redesign. This is something always included in a full service design project as one of the last steps of install, but in past months, clients have approached us with the need for a refresh in other areas of their home.

My favorite part of our full service projects is pulling the entire home together with the details, the “Final Touches”: textiles, art, accessories, lighting. The Final Touch allows us to give this experience to more people than just our full service design clients.

And luckily as the LMI team continues to grow, so does our bandwidth to take on new projects and expand our service offerings.

Curious if your project is a good fit for The Final Touch?

If you have…

  • Bare windows that are in need of shades or custom drapery…
  • Blank walls desperate for art…
  • Upholstery pieces devoid of stylish pillows and cozy throw blankets…
  • Accent tables calling for elegant lighting…
  • Empty bookshelves collecting dust…

This service is for someone who has the larger furniture pieces squared away but their space is missing that designer look that comes from the perfect amount of decor, art and accessories.

We look forward to serving new and returning clients with the same LMI experience, but on a smaller scale and with a quicker timeline!

If you’re interested, the process for inquiry remains the same. Simply head to our contact page to fill out the questionnaire!⁠

We cannot wait to connect with you!⁠


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