4 Tips for Designing a Space that’s Livable and Refined

Modern Glam Dining Room

4 Tips for Designing a Space that’s Livable and Refined

Modern Glam Dining Room

4 Tips for Designing a Space that’s Livable and Refined

As Houston Interior Design who has worked in the field for over 8 years, I’ve really honed in on my style.

My main goal when working with clients is to create a space that feels livable yet refined. I believe in functionality, clean lines, timeless pieces and comfort in every space. I refer to my particular style of design as Livable and Refined or “Refined Livability.” 

I believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, well designed, but overall comfortable space. Regardless if you have a home full of toddlers or if you’re an empty nester, your home should be a lovely, cozy reflection of you! 

I’ve listed five of my top tips for creating a home with “Refined Livability” — for any homeowner at any design stage!

1) Don’t be Fussy!

Double Height Ceiling Living Room

Before purchasing something for your space, ask yourself this question: “Will I have to move this out of the room if my kids are playing in here?” or “Is this piece going to be so precious that I’m going to feel stressed in my home and not at peace?”

This is a rule I live by– in all the spaces I design as well as in my own home. Consider how you use the space and then design from there. If this is a room that gets hardly any foot traffic, go ahead and opt for that one-of-a-kind silk rug! But if we’re designing a space where your kids like to play (or your dogs like to sprawl), opt for a wool rug or something synthetic so you can easily clean it!

If you create an overly delicate space, it’s not going to be functional or comfortable to spend time in.

2.) Opt for Clean Lines

Taupe Transitional Kitchen

Neutral fabrics, tailored pieces and timeless decor like books and family photos will age well in any space– not to mention, they go with pretty much anything! 

When making the larger decisions and purchases for a space like upholstery pieces and rugs, opt for neutrals. You can always play with trends through accessories and smaller pieces until you find your design groove.

You don’t want to redesign your space every few years with the trend cycle. Design your space thoughtfully the first time and have fun with smaller items through the years.

3) No Time for Stains

Organic Rustic Living Room

If you’re not choosing performance fabrics for every surface of your home, you better be stain treating!

I almost exclusively work with performance fabrics, regardless of the age of the homeowner and the season of the life they are in.

Accidents happen in every home, and to be truly comfortable in your space you shouldn’t have to worry about ruining a piece of furniture. We want you to enjoy that glass of wine on the sofa or that cup of coffee in bed.

4) Layering is Key

Built-In Bookcase Modern Living Room“Refined Livability” centers around choosing the right amount of layers to make a room feel tailored and styled, but still comfortable.

Nailing down your big pieces is fantastic, but you won’t achieve the feeling of a well-designed space without finishing touches. That’s what gives a room soul!

Whether it be family photos in beautiful frames, pillows in a gorgeous designer fabric or even a textile you picked up while traveling. Or even fresh (or faux)  florals in an interesting vase with your favorite scented candle is what gives your room personality.

Keep the layering simple, yet meaningful.

When designing a home with my clients, I firmly believe there’s no need to sacrifice style to create a space you can truly live in. I hope these tips help you create a space ruled by “Refined Livability!”

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