Timeless Over Trendy – 5 Ways to Ensure Your Home Decor Ages Well

Double Height Ceiling Living Room

Timeless Over Trendy – 5 Ways to Ensure Your Home Decor Ages Well

Double Height Ceiling Living Room

Current trends add a lot of excitement and interest to a design, but when they go out style it leaves your space feeling dated and stagnant.

Opt for more classic choices that allow you to enjoy your home over time without redesigning when something new takes over the design world!

Can’t Go Wrong with Clean Lines

Asian Modern Style Living Room

Simple lines will never go out of style. There’s nothing antiquated or elaborate about this look. For example, sofas and chairs with a track arm have stood the test of time and continue to be a beloved, beautiful choice. (Above is an example from my Mid-Townhouse project). This piece is something they’ll be able to use and enjoy in their home far beyond when we completed this project! The best part is you can use this style arm in a traditional or more modern home.


Classic Patterns

Paisley Wallpaper with Roman Shades in Bathroom

Some patterns really speak to an era (chevron print immediately makes me think of the early 2000’s), but some patterns age gracefully and continue to be used year after year. Stripes, chinoiserie, floral, damask, animal prints and plaids just to name a few. Especially if you choose one of these patterns in a neutral or muted color, you’ll enjoy that piece for years to come while still adding an element of personality to your space.




All White Everything

Marble Bathtub in Shower

You can build anything around white— a white kitchen, a white shower tile, all white bedding or white walls. By choosing a base of white in your space, you’re allowing for other elements to add style and flair. You can accessorize with trendier pieces while still keeping the majority of your space timeless and clean. It’s easier (and less expensive) to change hardware or lighting  than to repaint cabinetry! I recommend opting for a warm, white look for parts of home you won’t want to redo every few years. I recently repainted over the gray walls in my living room and opted for Sherwin Williams Alabaster.



Texture Over Color

Modern Leather Sofa Living Room

Similar to patterns, color is very indicative of the time. Orange and green? So 70’s! Brown and beige? Very 90’s! Another way to ensure a piece ages well is opting for more texture over color. A few of my favorite textures I’ve used over the years are leather, linen, velvet and boucle. This living room is the perfect example- leather couches, a custom boucle tet-a-tet. 


Double Height Ceiling Living Room

The goal of designing your home (whether you’re doing it on your own or with an interior designer) is to create a personalized, thoughtful and classic space. Trend driven interior design often lacks personality! By taking what you love from certain trends and styles and then infusing your personality into it, your home will feel polished and unique!  

I like to let a certain trend play out for a little bit before asking myself “do I like this trend because I see it all over Instagram or do I actually like this trend? Light white oak wood flooring and furniture has become so popular in the past few years, and guess what? I love it! 

All this to say, incorporating trends can be FUN! There’s nothing wrong with adding decor and elements that feel current and stylish. After all, if you love it, you’re the one living with it! Always curate pieces and styles that feel like a reflection of you!

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