5 Things You Need to Have Before You Furnish Your Home

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5 Things You Need to Have Before You Furnish Your Home

It can feel overwhelming when you move into a new space and you have a big (or small) blank canvas that needs new furniture, art and accessories! The best thing you can do is be prepared. I know how overwhelmed my clients feel when it’s time to decorate their home! Check out my tips below on what you need to have in place so you can shop for furniture like an Interior Design pro!

1. A furniture plan with dimensions

Nothing is worse than buying a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit. There are so many free apps now where you can draw out your room and place different pieces of furniture so see what the best layout is. When you are in the market for something new, know exactly which dimensions will fit and which won’t! This helps you narrow down your search greatly!

2. Inspiration Photos

Take some time to collect some photos of rooms that inspire you for your interior design. See if there is a common theme amongst the pictures like a white sofa or a Turkish rug. This helps you really see what you gravitate towards so you can stay focused and not get distracted by trends!

3. A color palette

Decide if you want mainly neutrals or if you want to go bold. Where are you going to add that extra punch? Is it in the rug or the upholstery? Maybe you want some patterned pillows to dress up the sofa. Decide ahead of time so you don’t go overboard.

4. A realistic budget

It’s important to save the right amount of money so that you can invest in good quality pieces. You will be disappointed to spend any amount of money on cheap furniture that won’t last through the year. Always save and splurge even if you have to go piece by piece. This is the heart of good interior design.

5. An Interior Designer

I’m kidding! Not everyone can hire an interior designer and some people have enough taste to pull it off themselves. If you are not one of them and don’t have the time or desire to decorate a home yourself, than an interior designer would be worth its weight in gold. If you can’t get an interior designer than bring a trusty friend!

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